Windshield Washer Fluid (solvent) is formulated to be used as an automotive and truck windshield washing cleaner. This windshield washer fluid concentrate is to be diluted with water prior to use. Special ingredients remove road film, salt residue, and insects. Windshields sparkle, and will not streak when wipers are used. This automotive windshield washer cleaner maybe diluted 1 part solvent to 4 parts water in summer months and 1 part to 2 parts in winter months to resist freezing.
Windshield Washer Concentrate is to be used as 1 part concentrate to 20 parts water in the summer months and 1 part water to 11 parts concentrate in the winter time to resist freezing.
See dilution chart for ratio to be used in automobile reservoir according to temperature protection desired.

Available as a 5 gallon or 55 gallon drum

Concentrate: Download MSDS (PDF)

Solvent: Download MSDS (PDF)