transmissionToday’s wide variety of transmissions require a range of fluids with different characteristics. A full service facility has traditionally needed to stock several different fluids to meet these requirements. This means excess money tied up in inventory and valuable storage space wasted in the parts department. TerraClean Unversal ATF Conversion Supplement enhances Dexron® III, VI/Mercon® ATF’s to perform like Mercon® V ATF.  It also enhances Dexron® III, VI/Mercon®, V ATF to perform like a highly friction modified ATF such as Honda® Genuine ATF, Toyota® Type T/TII/TIV or Mopar® ATF +4®.  Using TerraClean Universal ATF Conversion Supplement helps eliminate the need of stocking a wide variety of expensive ATF’s.

Features and Benefits

  • Enhances Dexron® or Mercon® ATF to perform like Mercon® V or a highly friction modified ATF such as Mopar® ATF +3 and +4
  • Prevents shudder in converter clutches and clutch packs
  • Helps to smooth shifting
  • Reduces operating temperature to prevent transmission wear
  • Conditions & restores seals and O-rings
  • Inhibits foaming