Tork Heavy-Duty Cleaning Cloth is a reusable, strong and absorbent multipurpose cloth especially for janitorial and industrial cleaning applications. This wiper can be used in either the Tork Floor or Wall Stand dispensers, which are designed for safety, efficiency and reliability. With the easy load and tear off features – you can dispense the amount of material needed with one hand.

  • Compatible with most chemical solvents: Picks up and releases solvents more efficiently than textile products which reduces consumption
  • Heavy-Duty nonwoven – designed to protect your hands from heat and metal scraps
  • Reusable, strong, durable wiper – excellent rental towel and rag replacement
  • exelCLEAN™ technology – for a fast professional cleaning result
  • This product is HAACP International Certified (FZS) and Health Canada certified

Compare Tork cleaning cloths with traditional rags – download PDF
Compare Tork cleaning cloths with rental shop towels – download PDF