steeringFeatures and Benefits

  • Quickly cleans and refills the power steering system in less than 10 minutes
  • Can perform service manually or automatically
  • Long wand allows for service on vehicles with remote reservoir
  • Completes service with no spills for a clean service
  • No shop air or power required – runs off of 12 volt DC

Why use theTerraSteer™ Power Steering Service Machine?

Heat in the power steering system can cause power steering fluid to oxidize and lose its lubricity. As well, contaminants in the power steering system can accumulate over time.  Seals can become dry which can lead to seeping. These issues can create noise or even cause damage to the components of the power steering system. Many power steering system manufacturers will void the warranty on racks if power steering cleaning service is not performed when rack is replaced.

Unit Technical Specifications

Shipping Height: 40” (101.6cm)
Power Cord: 10’ (3m) 14 gauge
Shipping Width: 23.5” (59.7cm)
Power Supply: 12 volt
Shipping Depth: 20” (50.8cm) DC Operation
New Fluid Capacity: 70 oz. (2L)