fuel The Optima / IV Cleaner Kit is designed for service providers that want to perform a complete Air/Fuel system service without the need to connect to the fuel rail. Carbon deposits can form on the back side of intake valves. This is particularly true on newer Direct Injection Engines. Intake Valve Deposit Cleaner effectively cleans intake valves as well as the combustion chamber, piston crowns, piston ring lands and fuel injector tips. It is applied using the TerraClean Pressurized Induction Tool through the air induction system or through a vacuum line. TerraClean Optima Fuel System Cleaner cleans clogged injectors and restores proper spray patterns. It will remove water from the fuel system and helps prevent rust and corrosion. Optima is added to gas as part of a complete air/fuel service.

Features and Benefits

  • Combines Optima Fuel System Cleaner and Intake Valve Deposit Cleaner
  • Removes carbon on valves and in combustion chambers
  • Inhibits fuel and emission systems corrosion
  • Performs a rapid clean up of the entire fuel system
  • Effectively cleans fouled injectors
  • Removes gum and varnish while inhibiting reformation
  • Eliminates cold carbon knock