Product Description

MOLY TUFF is a multi-use grease containing moly, high viscosity base oil and calcium sulfonate thickener system for hundreds of automotive, marine, industrial and agricultural applications.

Extreme pressure additives provide resistance to shock. Forms a protective film, resisting rust and corrosion. Resists chemical breakdown and oxidation.

This water resistant lubricant will not wash out, and is resistant to corrosive salt water environments.

Meets and exceeds the demanding automotive and industrial testing requirements of ASTM D 4950, earning it the GC-LB classification by the National Lubricating Grease Institute. This grease also meets Caterpillar CAT 5% moly requirements.

Recommended for the most severe applications in off-highway construction, mining equipment, earth moving machines, Caterpillar equipment, as well as other heavy duty construction and mining equipment moving at slow to medium speed.

10 – 14 oz. cartridges/case, 35 lb. pails, and 120 lb. and 400 lb. drums
H-1, F-1, R-0, P-A

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