The Minor Diesel Fuel kit is the basis of any Diesel Service. Both products are simply added to the fuel tank of a diesel engine, so no special equipment is required. First, TerraDiesel Fuel Injector Cleaner is added to the fuel to remove gums, varnishes and carbon deposits. This will significantly lower emissions and improve performance in as little as two hours of normal operation. TerraDiesel Multi-Function Fuel Treatment is then added to the fuel tank. By dispersing water from diesel fuel, Multi-Function Fuel Treatment eliminates bacteria and prevents corrosion. Because it improves atomization, Multi-Function Fuel Treatment improves fuel economy and lower emissions. It removes existing gum, varnish and carbon deposits in the fuel system and helps keep particulate traps clean.

Features and Benefits

  • Combines TerraDiesel Multi-function Fuel Treatment and TerraDiesel Fuel Injector Cleaner
  • Performs a rapid clean up of diesel and biodiesel fueled engines
  • Removes gums, varnishes and carbon deposits from fuel system components
  • Disperses water without the use of harmful alcohols
  • Raises cetane, inhibits corrosion and eliminates the growth of bacteria in diesel fuels
  • Prevents fuel gelling in cold weather climates