CAR BRITE Marine & RV Wash is a highly concentrated, VOC compliant, high foaming soap for the exterior surfaces of watercraft and RV’s. Its pH balanced formula, with enhanced surfactants and high foam clinging action, provides superior cleaning especially on vertical surfaces. The clinging foam lifts and holds dirt in suspension preventing scratching and re-depositing while providing a spot-free rinse. Plus, it is phosphate and NPE-free.


Function: Removes light deposits and helps restore luster
Surfaces: Watercraft & RV exteriors gel coat fiberglass, painted & aluminum surfaces
pH: Neutral
Formulation: Water-based solution
Rinsing: Beading
Color: Pink
Fragrance: Berry


Key Benefits

  • Enhanced surfactacts break bond of dirt & grim
  • Rich foam clings to vertical surfaces and holds deposits in suspension for superior rinsing
  • Safe for aquatic life

Available in the following sizes:
1 gallon

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