A liquid soap with a cherry fragrance. The micro-emulsion of pure carnauba wax delivers a thin, durable protective coating for excellent sheeting action and a “just waxed” look while promoting superior sheeting action to reduce water spots.

Function: Remove dirt and grime
Surfaces: Exterior plastic, chrome, glass, rubber, plastic and vinyl
Formulation: Water-based solution
Rinsing: Beading
Color: Bright Pink
Fragrance: Cherry

Key Benefits

  • pH balanced formula safe for all paint types
  • Foam lifts and holds dirt in suspension, preventing scratching and re-depositing
  • Highly concentrated formula reduces usage costs
  • Contains carnauba wax that intensifies shine and increases beading action

Available in the following sizes:
1 gallon
4/1 gallon
5 gallon pail

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