cabin airTerraClean A/C Tune Up replenishes the A/C System with R134a without the need to completely recover and recharge the system. Simply install on the low pressure side using a charging hose (Part Number 98037169). It adds a lubricity enhancer that improves the oil in the A/C system to reduce wear on the compressor. In fact, it more than doubles the extreme pressure properties of OEM PAG oil. A/C Tune Up revitalizes seals, preventing minor leakage in the A/C system. It also contains a premium dye to help detect hard to find leaks.

Features and Benefits

  • Contains a lubricity enhancer to increase the performance of an A/C System and the life of its components
  • Uses 2 oz of R134a to replenish the system with refrigerant
  • Adds a high quality dye to help detect hard to find cooling system leaks
  • Conditions seals and O-rings to prevent minor leakage
  • Compatible with all R134a A/C Systems, including hybrid vehicles
  • Certified to meet the SAE J2297 and SAE J2670 Standards