steeringPower steering fluid is subjected to extreme heat and pressure, which can cause the fluid to degrade in a similar manner to motor oil or transmission fluid.

As the fluid degrades, it looses its lubricity which can cause metal to metal wear. TerraClean Power Steering Kits help eliminate these issues.

TerraClean® Power Steering Cleaner cleans components in the power steering system, while the Power Steering Fluid helps restore the condition of the seals to help eliminate and prevent leaks. It also helps eliminate noise in the system and reduces potential wear of expensive components. Using a TerraClean® Power Steering Cleaning Kit is an effective method of flushing your customers power steering system and helping to maintain proper performance.

Also available with TerraClean Red Power Steering Fluid & Conditioner (Part Number 207240).

For use with the TerraSteer Power Steering Service Machine

Features and Benefits

  • Combines Power Steering Fluid and Conditioner with Power Steering Cleaner
  • Thoroughly cleans the power steering system
  • Contains a unique friction modifier to reduce power steering noise
  • Conditions seals to eliminate and help prevent leaks
  • Safe for use on all conventional and ATF based power steering systems