A solution for every need.
Wherever there is a need for wiping, drying, cleaning or polishing, there is a solution branded Tork. We have a solution that improves hygiene and makes cleaning more efficient, which saves time, money and trouble for customers. And that adds to users’ well-being, comfort and peace-of-mind.

Different Customers, Different Needs.
Over the years, we’ve learned that customer needs differ considerably, depending on application, type of business, location and so on. Therefore, we take great pride that the Tork range can provide for any need. Tork systems, quite simply, make the customer’s life easier. Whether it’s a system for a washroom, service center, collision center, manufacturing plant or factory, you can rely on Tork for the best solution.

It’s a total offer.
As proud as we are of our wide range of quality products, Tork solutions offer more. The concept and value of our brand go beyond product properties and performance – they focus on the total service offer. Tork solutions are a combination of quality tissue products and well-designed dispensers topped with good advice and reliable service. These systems ensure that every customer can find a perfect match for his or her needs.

Tork is a complete system of AFH (Away From Home) products for: personal and professional applications (durable wipers, hand towels and toilet paper) across all industries.

Why would you choose another supplier of Tork products other than TRUE GRIT!? Most distributors require a contract to do business. The service fees, rental fees, cost of dispensers and all the other hidden fees were the reasons many of our clients have left the Jan/San and Uniform companies to work with TRUE GRIT!

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