Larry & Es Smith are the proud owners of this fine distributorship of premium, unique, cost effective shop of gritty products. We got into this business a few years ago working for “the man” and decided it was time to go at it on our own.  Not long after borrowing a few thousand dollars, we were off and running, beginning with just one product and a mighty fine one at that! TRUE GRIT! became the name clients would remember for their premium hand cleaner needs. After more requests than we could bear, it was time to oblige and expand our products offerings and will continue to add more when the client’s need arises. We are proud to state that we have greater than 90% retention rate for our products and service and we aim to keep it that way! Loyalty not due to price, but because of quality and service, which is the foundation of our success. If you haven’t tried one of our products, give us a call and we will schedule a demo or free 7-day trial for most of our products.  No risk, no commitment whatsoever! You wouldn’t purchase a car without taking it for a test drive would you? Don’t expect you would, therefore we don’t expect you to invest your hard earned dollars in our company and its products without trying them first. Put in a request at sales@gottruegrit.com. Don’t forget your contact information or we may not find you.

Five Star Ford loves doing business with TRUE GRIT! Great honest couple that will always do the right thing!
Robert M., Service Director - Five Star Ford
I have used hand cleaners for 15 years. TRUE GRIT! has the best cleaner I have ever used… period! They are the coolest people and it’s a pleasure doing business with them.
Matt A., Owner - Innovative Automotive


TRUE GRIT’s mission is to be a valuable partner and asset to all our clients. By providing valuable tools, resources and supplies, we continue to demonstrate the ability to increase client revenues, while managing overhead costs with premium product solutions. Achieving the highest service excellence in the automotive industry in the North Texas area will continue to be of the highest of importance.


Esther (Es) Smith


Motivated, driven, tenacious, enthusiastic believer, who loves my job.  Excels in providing amazing products and service in an industry where substandard quality just doesn’t cut it.  Been called a firecracker in a male dominated industry and strive to show what I can do when others say “it can’t be done”.  To be told “No” motivates me to work harder to earn your trust and friendship.  Passion for life, my clients and my business is what makes me different. Making a difference in life, my family and for my clients brings me joy.  When I am not working, I’m busy helping others…my friends and family like to call it Service Work.  Giving back is important to me.  Challenges in life and business drive me to always looking for solutions, not excuses.  My real motivator is God who taught me to put others first.  God Is Big Enough!

Larry Smith


Dedicated sales and operations management professional with experience in selling products and services in the automotive and healthcare industries. Years of experience in working with demanding physicians and administrators created the urgency I still use today in taking care of GM’s, Fixed Operation Managers, Service Directors, Service Managers and Independent Shop Owners in the automotive industry.  I understand the urgency required to fulfill my obligation to supplying products to an industry with high standards. I also understand the dynamics of working with all key personnel in the decision making process when choosing a valued partner for their dealership or place of business. Partnering with my clients by putting their needs, interests and concerns before mine are keys to my success in growing and maintaining our valued clientele.  Being honest, open and willing to do whatever it takes is a lost art in the business world.  These character traits are what I have built my business on…Integrity! I choose to have long term partners as clients vs. making the quick dollar to serve my needs. If I cannot help or find what you need for your place of business, I will find someone who can!


Flexibility, Understanding, Compassion and Teamwork are the keys to our success. We met in January of 2012 and got married 10 months later. We have 4 children—two children each from previous marriages. Two are in college and we endure 2 other teenagers. On weekends, sometimes they enjoy working with us and meeting the fantastic clients we call friends.

How did we start TRUE GRIT!? Neither of us had any idea about the automotive or manufacturing industry, but we did understand the service model of putting customers first! After we met, our careers in medicine and advertising led us to look for new challenges. After a brief stint as an independent rep for a distributorship in east Texas, it was time to start the challenge of owning our own business and go all in. The first year was difficult, as we learned on the job (trial & error) with no technical training. Now, after 5 years, we have learned valuable lessons in this industry and are grateful for those who taught us product knowledge and training expertise in a broad scale product offering. In our past careers, we have always provided the highest standard of service. We maintain that approach with our customers in the north Texas market, coupled with key manufacturing partners who we see as extensions of our business. We have grown and continue to grow our business based on what our clients say about TRUE GRIT! All in all, TRUE GRIT! is a business built on FAITH!

Please check out our always evolving product page as we frequently add additional suppliers to our product offerings based on customer request. Have a wonderfully blessed day!